Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions

Payments, including online payments, made to our firm are subject to the terms and conditions provided below and are governed by the fee agreement applicable to each matter.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Credit Card Processing and Fees
We gladly accept credit cards.  We may request that you provide written authorization for credit card transactions.  For credit card transactions in excess of $1,000, we may elect to charge a processing fee of three percent (3%) of the transaction amount.  Refunds and chargebacks will incur a fee equal to the greater of our actual fees and costs or three percent (3%) of the transaction amount.  Refunds for funds deposited by credit card to our trust will be made, at our election, either by refunding the amounts owed to the same card or by check issued upon a reasonable period of time to allow us to assure valid funds.

Requirement for Engagement Letter
Any payment made via this process does not create a relationship of client and counsel. We reserve the right to reject payment in the absence of a complete written mutual consent engagement letter.