Elder Law

The questions arise whether long-term care will be needed and how to pay for it. One of the goals of our Elder Law practice group is to help individuals overcome their worries and anxieties about paying for long term care and still have assets to leave to their families.

Our attorneys can also assist clients in planning for their relatives with special needs that may be receiving future inheritances or settlements from lawsuits. Those will special needs often rely on government programs such as Medicaid to pay for medical care and supplemental security income (SSI). The loss of eligibility for these programs can be impacted if proper planning is not done correctly.

We understand that each situation is unique, and planning will not be the same for everyone. Our Elder Law practice group completes a detailed analysis of the facts and circumstances for each individual to provide the best solution to their concerns. Our main goal is to ease the stress associated with these matters and help our clients reach their goals.

We offer the following services:

  • Family Protection Trust
  • Gifting advice
  • Third Party Special Needs Trusts
  • 1st Party Special Needs Trusts, also known as d4(A) trusts

Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Tabitha Atwell