Trust Administration Litigation and Fiduciary Litigation

Affinity Law Group is here to pursue litigation for you arising from trust administration. We have assisted and represented trustees and fiduciaries as well as beneficiaries and interested third parties to avoid protracted litigation, contain costs, and preserve relationships between parties. If the proceedings become adversarial, we will prosecute or defend your claims in court.

A variety of disputes and disagreements can happen with trusts, especially with inexperienced trustees. We can be the experienced advisor you need to manage a trust well, and defend the management of that trust should the issue arise. We will help you defuse conflicts and treat all involved parties equitably.

If you are a beneficiary or third party to a trust, inexperienced trustees can also be problematic. We will aggressively pursue your interests, ensuring your claims are addressed. We can assist you if there is concern that a trust has been mismanaged or a fiduciary duty has been breached.

We can help you with:

  • Beneficiary claims
  • Accounting mismanagement or lack of communication by trustee
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Trust mismanagement
  • Trust misappropriation

Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Kathleen Bilderback