Trust Administration

The main job of a trustee is to administer the assets held by the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. This can be accomplished during the Grantor’s lifetime or after the Grantor has died. In either case, there are certain tasks that the Trustee needs to know about in order to administer it properly. Our office assists Trustees in understanding both their obligations under the terms of the trust agreement, and the statutory requirements.

Our trust administration experts assist Trustees in the preparation of all the required notices and accounting reports. Additionally, we handle the publication notices required to deal with any creditors who may have a claim against the trust. A Trustee may also need assistance in determining if a particular distribution is appropriate based on the terms of the trust. Among other things, our primary goal is to help guide the Trustee through satisfying the legal requirements in order to administer the trust in the best interest of its beneficiaries.

Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Tabitha Atwell
Kathleen Bilderback