Distressed Company Representations

Affinity works with businesses that have cash flow constraints to formulate plans to restructure and repay debt, to right-size operations through shedding unfavorable leases and contracts and/or selling unprofitable assets, and to negotiate with creditors to accept such plans. Often a client needs the protections available under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code. Affinity Law Group’s attorneys have guided clients through bankruptcy filing and subsequent asset sales and/or confirmation of plans of reorganization, thereby saving businesses and jobs.

Illustrative representations include:

  • Chapter 11 filing and confirmation of plan of reorganization reducing debt of a construction company and extending payment terms;
  • Chapter 11 filing and negotiation of reduced liability to lender for owner/operator of an apartment complex;
  • Chapter 11 filing for a beverage bottler and sale of bottling plant for seven figures;
  • Chapter 11 filing for a sports apparel manufacturer and sale of assets;
  • Substantial role in Apex Oil Company et al. Unsecured Creditors’ Committee representation in Chapter 11 “mega” cases;
  • Representation of a borrower in restructuring of a multi-million dollar loan, including release of significant liability under an interest rate swap.

Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Tal Sant