Intellectual Property Services

Part of your business and its valuable property is intellectual property; trademarks such your business’s name and logo, copyrights, and trade secrets all are essential parts of the success of your business. Affinity can help protect your business’s brand. Starting your business is just a first step. Identifying and protecting your intellectual property is an important part of growing and maintaining your business.

We have extensive experience in helping businesses protect their trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Names and logos for businesses can be registered as trademarks, either federally or in the state. Copyrights are designed to protect the creator of original works; examples include novels, drama productions, architectural designs, and computer programs. Copyright protection offers the author freedom from unauthorized reproduction, preparation of derivative works, distribution, performance, display or transmission of their work. Trade secrets are useful for businesses, but are the most challenging kind of intellectual property to protect.

Affinity has a wealth of experience in all areas of intellectual property services. Let us help your company protect its knowledge and brand.

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