Copyright Services

Copyright Services include:

  • Preparation and Filing of Copyright Application
  • Copyright Maintenance Filings (including derivative work filings should your registered work change)
  • Licensing and Contract Negotiation
  • Copyright enforcement (including infringement litigation)

The simplest way to protect your creative works of authorship is through Copyright protection, which is obtained by registering your work with the US Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Copyright law protects original works of authorship, including but not necessarily limited to literary, musical, dramatic, directorial, sculptural, audiovisual, and architectural works and computer programs. Copyright protection offers the author freedom from unauthorized reproduction, preparation of derivative works, distribution, performance, display or transmission of their work.

We will review materials and obtain the necessary information to best advise you on whether copyright protection is the appropriate course of action for you. Affinity will then prepare and file your application for Copyright protection with the United States Copyright Office. Please note that applications for registration should be completed before publication, or within three months of publication in order to obtain the most robust copyright protection available.

After registration, Affinity will assist you with maintaining and enforcing your copyright. If you make changes or updates to your work after it has already been registered, we can prepare derivative work filings on your behalf to ensure complete protection. Additionally, if you believe someone is unlawfully copying or using your work, we can assist in negotiating licenses, send cease and desist letters, and if necessary, file copyright infringement claims in the appropriate court to enforce your rights. Our attorneys can also help advise on international copyright issues, and help you find and target the most appropriate channels of trade for your work.

Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Ira Potter