Trademark Services

  • Trademark Registration (including intent-to-use applications)
  • Trademark Maintenance
  • Licensing Agreements (drafting and recording)
  • Trademark Assignments (preparation and recording)
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Proceedings
  • Send and Receive Cease and Desist Notices
  • Claims of Infringement or Misappropriation

Starting your business is just a first step. Protecting your business’s intellectual property is the next. When it comes to protecting your business’s brand (including its name and logo), Affinity is here to help. Identifying and protecting your intellectual property is an important part of growing and maintaining your business. If you are already using the mark in commerce (meaning across state lines), federal trademark protection may be appropriate. Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge of each step of the trademark process.

We can assist you in determining whether federal or state trademark protection is appropriate for your business, and will obtain the information necessary to determine which type of trademark application best serves your needs. If you are already using the mark in commerce, we will work with you to obtain specimens of use to accompany your application, and will respond on your behalf to any office actions from the USPTO regarding potential obstacles to registration. If you are not already using the mark in commerce, we can assist in preparing and filing an intent-to-use application, and will guide you through the steps necessary to build acceptable specimens for full registration on the USPTO principal register.

Once your mark is registered, we will keep you apprised of all upcoming renewal deadlines, and we will work with you to timely meet these deadlines. We will also prepare and file the declaration and renewal documentation with the USPTO for you.

If a third party wishes to license your mark from you, our attorneys’ collective experience negotiating and drafting licensing agreements is at your disposal. Additionally, should you sell your business or your mark, we can draft and file your Trademark Assignment to legally transfer the mark to the new owner.

Using third-party watch services, our attorneys will keep you apprised of potentially infringing marks to help you police and enforce your trademark. Objections to pending marks are filed with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), and our attorneys can help you traverse these proceedings to prevent potentially confusing marks from being registered.

If you feel someone is misappropriating your mark, or using it without your permission, our attorneys will attempt to negotiate with these parties to license the mark, or enjoin their use.

Contact our attorneys today to begin trademarking your brand or enforcing your rights.

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