Labor and Employment Law

Employees are a vital element of your business. What do you need to know when hiring someone? What policies and practices should you adopt to minimize the chance of harmful lawsuits? What laws at the federal, state, and local levels need to be considered for employment issues? How should a business deal with unions in a way that is productive for both the business and union-represented workers?

Affinity is here to help. We provide counseling to businesses, their owners, and executives to prevent problems with employment contracts and labor unions. We solve issues as they arise, before they become bigger. As a last but sometimes necessary recourse, we will fight for your business in litigation.

We represent businesses and their management in union matters. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating collective bargaining agreements. We also help after the agreement is made, ensuring the proper administration of the contract. We can defend your enterprise when a grievance is submitted. We represent management in union-related litigation and union organizing campaigns as well. We are well-versed in NLRB and state labor relations boards, counseling businesses on strategic ways to prevent union-related problems.

We are experts in employment law, which continues to evolve at the federal and local levels. We develop employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and termination agreements to ensure your business is safe while an employee is working for your company as well as when an employee leaves; crafting these contracts to protect you against future litigation. We defend businesses against claims by employees and contractors for wrongful termination, employment discrimination, wage violations, and more.

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Affinity Law Group attorney with this focus area:

Ira Potter