NAIFA Continuing Education Day: Tricks and Traps in Succession Planning for the Family-Owned Business


Affinity Law Group attorneys Kathleen Bilderback and Brian Seigel will speak at NAIFA‘s Continuing Education day.

Kathleen will speak on “Tricks and Traps in Succession Planning for the Family Owned Business.” According to a recent survey by The Alternative Board, 45% of business owners say that their children are directly involved in their business, but 56% say that they are unhappy with their succession plan or have no succession plan in place. This presentation will focus on the unique challenges of working with family business owners on their succession plans. Join us as we focus on practical approaches to common problems and learn how life insurance and annuity products create valuable solutions for the family owned business.

Brian will speak on “Rewarding, Retaining, and Replacing Key Employees.” This presentation will provide NAIFA members with an understanding of how to reward and retain a business’ most important employees through non-qualified executive benefits and how to protect the business from the loss of these key individuals. Attendees will learn how to provide significant value for their business-owner clients and, as a result, improve client relationships. If you’re interested in expanding your role with business owner clients, this is a meeting you won’t want to miss.

In addition to Kathleen and Brian’s presentations, Bob Guest will provide the lunch presentation.