Estate Planning

What happens to your business, investments, and property when you are incapacitated or when you are gone? Affinity helps business owners and executives manage their assets and business while they are alive and plan the distribution of their assets to their chosen heirs after their death. Affinity has attorneys that are nationally-known experts in estate planning.

During your lifetime, there are three main documents that are essential to managing your assets and your well-being: a general durable power of attorney for financial matters, a healthcare power of attorney, and a living will. These documents allow you to appoint a representative to make financial and medical decisions during the period when you cannot. Without these documents, your family may be required to obtain court orders to manage your assets or medical situations.

In order to control the distribution of your assets upon death, your Last Will and Testament or Revocable Trust are used to allow you to decide how and to whom your assets will be distributed. Every situation is unique; each client has a different set of needs and concerns. Affinity ensures that your estate plan is tailored to your individual circumstances.

In addition, Affinity provides additional planning options including, but not limited to: prenuptial agreements, pet trusts, gifting trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, asset protection trust, and cottage trusts.

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Affinity Law Group attorneys with this focus area:

Tabitha Atwell
Kathleen Bilderback
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