Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Affinity Law Group works with clients with varied finance and credit issues, from structuring loans (for lenders or borrowers) or sales on credit, to managing excessive debt and restricted cash flow, to purchases and sales of assets of “distressed” businesses. Our firm will help you navigate the complicated mix of multiple parties, competing interests, and complex legal requirements that distressed businesses face.

We assist distressed businesses by addressing lack of liquidity, reducing and extending debt payments, terminating unprofitable contracts and leases, and more. We help you stay in business and return to profitability, or maximize returns on sales of assets.

We also work with creditors to achieve recoveries.

The types of services our firm provides are detailed in the three categories below.

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Credit Transactions and Creditor Recoveries
Distressed Company Representations
Purchases and Sales of Distressed Assets 

Affinity Law Group attorney with this focus area:

Tal Sant