Celebrating 10 Years in Business


When Kathleen Bilderback, Brad Crandall, Bob Guest, and Ira Potter found themselves working on similar sophisticated projects at their previous law firm, they soon discovered that they also had a similar mindset when it came to practicing law. All four also wanted to explore non- traditional billing arrangements and a unique client service model. From their discussions, Bilderback, Crandall, Guest and Potter joined as partners and Affinity Law Group was born in 2007.

While the partners have refined their approach through the years, the focus of Affinity remains the same: providing quality legal services to great clients on a timely and affordable basis. “Our consistent approach and sticking with what we believed in when we formed the firm has helped us build a great reputation in the marketplace,” says Bilderback. “I remember the first night 10 years ago when the four partners met in our new office space before it was even furnished. We celebrated around a folding card table sitting in plastic patio chairs. Now we have a diverse group of talented attorneys and an amazing support staff. We represent a very successful entrepreneurial client base.”

Now celebrating its 10th year in business, Affinity was started with the idea that the partners and its team were going to do things a little bit differently, from its name to the manner in which they billed for their services, and is upholding the same values today. “There were plenty of critics who questioned our unconventional branded name, said alternative billing would never work, and that we would never last,” says Crandall. “But here we are 10 years later, still true to our vision and forging ahead.”

The partners also saw a niche market that was underserved by the legal profession. Today, that market has become an integral part of Affinity’s business. “That is closely held private companies of various sizes that have sophisticated legal needs without a big firm budget,” says Crandall.

By putting clients and their legal needs first, the partners at Affinity and their firm members have achieved a decade of success while continuing to set themselves apart from other firms. “We make sure that we get to know our clients as well as possible so that we may direct our services on their evolving legal needs, recruiting attorneys who enjoy collaborating with each other and with our clients, and keeping our focus on creative, yet practical solutions to our clients’ needs,” says Bilderback.

Looking to the future of their firm, Bilderback, Crandall, Guest and Potter believe that their clients’ positive response to their firm’s philosophy demonstrates that Affinity remains headed in the right direction. “We will continue to adapt to best serve our clients’ changing needs and desire, whether that means adding people, practice areas or enhancing our technology, we are committed to making the next 10 years even better than the first,” says Crandall.

Affinity Law Group, LLC was founded by four partners: Kathleen Bilderback, Brad Crandall, Bob Guest, and Ira Potter, and built upon the understanding that businesses and their owners have a wide variety of needs. Affinity works to maintain long-term relationships with clients by providing a diverse array of service and fee structures, unlike other firms that force clients into their way of doing things. That is why they combined their years of knowledge and experience to create a law firm that would never highlight a partner name on the door. They created a branded law firm, unprecedented at the time, to focus on their altruistic mission of building long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues while at all times focusing on delivering timely legal services and great value.